Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What I Am Doing In September: Ritual

This has spilled into October a bit, but nicely wraps up the ‘Month of Stuff’. I did have another item I wanted to write about and post pictures of but time has meant I couldn't get good photos so will have to do that another day.

So ritual, it turned out from a discussion and blog post with another devotee of Gwyn, she marks Gwyn’s feast on the 29th September for various reasons (for a quick rundown, have a look here). This seemed like a fine idea and as I don't have anything like a regular feast day or specific event to make offerings this worked out nicely as a point to do so.

Now, I have one main shrine space in the hearth and a smaller one in an old wooden box upon the mantelpiece above it. At the moment the hearth is set up for Rigantona and the box to Gwyn. The intention is to switch the as winter draws in. I figured I may as well do that now as I was about to mark Gwyn’s feast and autumn has at last taken hold - bit early I guess, but not entirely untimely. So the shrine space was set, candles and incense lit.

I did some purification and got myself into a light trance, made an offering of incense and said the first hymns to Briganti the Mother of the Flames.

I made an offering of meat (game seems most fitting) and dark rum and said an ad-lib hymn.

At this point I wanted to read one of the poems from Lorna's Enchanting the Shadowlands and so flipped the pages until it felt right, and so found myself saying a hymn to Rigantona-Epona. A spring time poem, to the Goddess I had just evicted from her shrine. Message received loud and clear. I read the poem, acknowledged that She need to be moved back to her shrine and tried again. This time it was a more fitting poem, but again horses were mentioned…ok, ok point taken.

I said a few words, blew out the candles and made a mental note that things need to go back t the way they were on my altar space, at least for a few more weeks.

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Lorna Smithers said...

Interesting... I keep a single main shrine to Gwyn which remains there. The main change is that during the summer I keep a candle for Creiddylad and Gwythyr separate to Gwyn's shrine and on Calan Gaeaf Creiddylad's candle and other accompaniments are moved onto Gwyn's shrine to mark their sacred marriage throughout winter. I only add my image of the Cwn Annwn flying at night to Gwyn's shrine on Nos Galan Gaeaf.