Thursday, 8 September 2016

What I Am Doing In September: I

Inspired by John Beckett’s Patheos blog post and by then ensuing challenge by Dver, I thought this might be a simple and easy way to get a couple of more day-to-day blog posts done about the things I am doing at the moment with ‘my polythesim’. It should be a good way to have a few simple and short blogasms covering a range of things I get up to.

First off, the autumn equinox is coming up and I am writing the ritual for our coven. As we continually cycle who is writing and leading each ritual we get the chance to work on all of the festivals and bring a flavour of our own praxis to a Wiccan setting. Normally the equinoxes and solstices are ‘open’,  in that we can invite non-initiates along to get a sense of what we do if they are interested in joining and working towards initiation, or guests can come along who are simply keen to be a part of it or experience it (family members for instance). Now, a case can and has been made that as these are open we should ‘tone down’ for want of a better phrase; these aren’t initiates and we don’t want to get too full on. My view on this is rubbish…of the two rituals I have prepared I haven’t held back at all, and in the case of the previous one at Samhain (open again, but for different reasons) we blew everyone’s socks off with a Seidr focussed ritual.

This equinox, we are going to enact the Horse Sacrifice. When it I done I will post up a summary of the ritual and thoughts on how it went.

Yesterday I started off a new batch of flying ointment. I realise I haven’t written about these or how I make them and use them. I suppose it might be good to do that in the future some time. The ointments I make don’t use any of the ‘traditional’ Nightshade family (the Solanaceae) as after some research (handy having access to a huge botanical library) they are very risky and potential for catastrophic damage or death is too large. So I make an ointment using Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum), the active ingredient in this is thujone. It is safer than the nightshades, though not without its own toxicity at high doses, and is simple to make. I made about 300g earlier this year for use at a large ritual (60 witches) and everyone got to use it and had good results. No adverse reactions to the ointment either. Rather than induce hallucinations or an out of body experience, thujone has the effect of ‘enhancing’ experiences making them more intense. Kind of like adding a turbo-boost button to ritual and trance work. Anyway, more on that in another post when things are progressing with the making process, for the moment the mugwort will be infusing in sunflower oil for the next couple of months.

Dried mugwort in 1.5 litres of sunflower oil

Inspired by some people I met over the summer I have also started getting a bit craftier; I have started making some devotional items with clay with a view to making a lot more. On top of that I have had a stab at linocut printing to make some bits and pieces for a few projects. Again…maybe a separate blog post when I have something I am happy to show off.

Next up will be some ritual practice.

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