Monday, 23 February 2015

The Oracle Answers

I recently had an opportunity to ask three questions of an oracle, the first two were easy to formulate, the third less so, hence it seems to be clutching somewhat.

Below are the questions, with the oracular answers and his interpretations

 1. Should I continue with future Grey Mare projects? 
6-3-5: It will be better for him who obeys.
6-5-3: Await the third harvest then return. 
2-3-1: Zeus would have made it an island had he wanted to. 
My interpretation: It looks like you're struggling with some of the details. Take a break and come back to it when you're refreshed - and this time bring others into it. You'll benefit from collaboration.
This to me seems very clear, and funnily enough was something like I was thinking about 30 minutes before reading the email of responses. I have in mind two further devotional anthologies to come after the Grey Mare on The Hill, though I am pretty sketchy on the detail and how I would want to do them. One would be on Gwyn ap Nudd and the other a more liturgical work based on the Brython material. Making them both much more collaborative would be a much better idea I agree.
 2. Am I on the right track with the 'Horse Sacrifice'? 
5-3-2: Honor Herakles as a god. 
3-6-2: Fulfill your vows to the gods. 
 6-6-4: Leave the temple, veil your heads, loose your robes, and cast behind you your great mother’s bones. 
My interpretation: You're close, but you're missing an essential detail which is more a matter of interpretation and categorization than anything else. It's important what you're doing - and because of that it's important to do it right. Make sure you have all of the ritual trappings, even if you don't fully understand why - purification in particular, both during and after, will be important. Also remember that what you are doing here is a foundation for greater things to come.
The matter of purification is what stands out here, not just the purification prior to ritual (bathing etc) but also because the sacrifice of a dog or wolf as purification was a central part of these widespread horse sacrifice rituals. This part I was having some trouble with and so was thinking of leaving that aspect out, now though I think this oracle is clear in that it needs to be incorporated somehow. The answer though is very heartening.

3. Am I seeing an actual connection between Gwyn and Mokkonos? 
5-1-3: He ran round, here and there.
3-6-2: You’ve lost your wits. 
3-5-6: If you had understood how to behave as you should have. 
4-5-6: Bacchic women acting modestly.
My interpretation: I think you got caught up in something, but it has no basis in reality. I think caution is called for - this kind of impetuousness could lead you to behave in an improper manner and forget who you are.

This also nails things on the head, my thoughts regarding a connection between Gwyn and Mokkonos can be laid to rest. I was clearly clutching and this has made me question what it was I was 'seeing' as a connection.

So onwards; the horse Sacrifice ritual is going to occupy my research for a while. perhaps it is time to go back and revisit the original sources and descriptions to get a fuller and refreshed understanding before I begin laying out plans or how it will be carried out.


Lorna Smithers said...

I assume with the horse sacrifice you're referring to the sacrifice of the devotional anthology to Rignatona? (!)

Did you know there was a horse burial at Thornborough Henge, which has an Orion alignment?...

The lines about Mokkonos- 'he ran round, here and there' remind me of Twrch Trwyth!

Modest Bacchanalian women. Really???!

Lee said...

Hiya Lorna,

The Horse Sacrifice in this context refers to something more literal - a recreation, in appropriate ways, of the Indo-European Horse Sacrifice ritual. Hit the 'sovereignty' tag at the top and it should bring up the posts on sovereignty, horse goddesses and the horse sacrifice ritual.

BTW...about to do another blog post about a divination which had some seriously interesting results :)

Lorna Smithers said...

Ah, some form of sacrifice in return for sovereignty... it will be interesting to hear what you work out.