Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Charge of Gwyn ap Nudd

I am he who holds back the andedion,
only their grace falls upon these lands
I am he who rides out in midwinter,
clearing the way for spring.
I am he who wields the bloody spear,
my quarry shall fall to the ground
I lead the pack of the hounds of the otherworld
their howls drive out that which corrupts
I am he who holds their teeth at bay
only their gaze falls upon the hearts of man
I am he who drives out all that is foul
and casts it into the pits of Annwn
I am he who sweeps clean the canvas
so that fresh strokes may be laid down
I am he who strikes down the hawthorn
and lays in it’s place the black thorns
the thorns that drink the blood
of the weak, the malign and the unjust
my horns drive those who would seek you harm
and till the soil afresh

I am the glint upon the spear
the breath within the horn
the rush within the blood
the sweat upon the brow
the thunder of the hooves
and the lust within the heart
I am the fear in every bone
the chase within each fibre
and the pounding  of hooves upon the turf
I am the dodge and turn, the swift race and the bounding escape
The rut, the hunt and the ending of life are mine and all come from me. 
each stag, each doe and each fawn are under the sweep of my spear 
and each to become upon its tip


Greg said...

Powerful stuff!

Lorna Smithers said...

Yes, the stampede of clearance, the thunder and rush in the blood... I've had that and am feeling that from Gwyn as he clears the way for Spring. He's very good at bringing a swift end to what is wrong in the world, to oppression, to doubt, to the intolerable... I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts about him.