Saturday, 31 January 2015

Rigantona's Return

It has been ages since I have posted and now I find I have  plenty of words in me to get onto the screen.

Rigantona has begun to return to the land, and Her constellation is beginning to shine. I sat before my altar hearth a couple of weeks ago, offering hymns, cheese, bread and booze and it was the right time to make a promise. after a minute or two of ensuring I knew the enormity of what I was about to say, I made an oath to make a pilgrimage for Rigantona. At the end of May I am going to walk the 87 miles of the Ridgeway from east to west across the south of England along to top of the Downs; the chalk spine into which the great white horses are carved and shown off across hillsides. I want to also use the time to prepare devotional  material to Her; at night sleeping alongside Weyland’s Smithy or in the sun aside Her back. What comes from those 6 days living on her back remains to be seen, but whatever comes from it I want make available somehow. Which led me on to make another decision; I am going to have a go at compiling and publishing a devotional anthology to Rigantona, to Rhiannon, to Epona and the constellation of sovereignty, the land  and the horse.  So, I have set up a website and started putting out a call for submissions (take a look) with a view to combining existing Brython material, what I glean on my pilgrimage and whatever I get from other people in the way of submissions. The other thing about this project is that I want it to be a devotional work and plan on making a sacrifice of the first book printed and the rest to be offered at pretty much cost price to those who wish to buy it.

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Heron Mist said...

This is admirable! I used to walk the Ridgeway myself many years ago so know the ground you will cover.

Of course I would like to be involved in the publishing project