Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back for Now

This really has been a long time coming, I think on about four occasions I have sat down and managed to write a sentence with the intention of getting a few thoughts on the screen but never progressed past that first few words. Fifth time’s a charm.

It has been well over a year now since I did something approaching an update and to be fair, there have been some developments. For all intents and purposes I threw off this set of clothes I was calling my religious beliefs, those things I had picked up and begun to wear over many, many years. Over the past six months I have begun slowly picking them up again, leaving some on the floor and begun putting them back on in a way that feels more comfortable and in a manner that fits me.

Things are much the same as they were to be honest, perhaps some notions and ideas have been left behind; my personal practice focuses as it used to on the gods of this island as they were once known though I am tending to approach them now as they are rather than in front of an altar.

* * * 

Synchronicity; some things just keep coming up. Lately a friend who I caught up with after several years - eye opening chat – recommended a book and all of a sudden I have been seeing it everywhere; in books, on blogs, general websites. The same goes for other titbits; most notably the concept of the warband and the warrior cults in Indo-European cultures, along with their relation to the Wild Hunt in western and northern Europe. And as things sometimes do, I am seeing this all over the place as if the same thoughts are cropping up simultaneously for other people

* * * 

I still haven’t dropped my ongoing fascination with the horse-land-sovereignty complex. If anything this has come to the fore now and I am pulling together my research and homework into something of a set devotional writings; largely essay based but with some hymns incorporated. I will ultimately bung it all up on here and the Brython site (which has had a couple of new bits added recently).

Following on from this I came across a damn fine essay in sacrifice over at the ADF website, go have a looksie.

* * * 

I was in Brittany recently (enforced family holiday) and the whole place is odd; aside from the absurd heat and humidity it is probably the only place away from home back in West Wales that has felt like home; the megaliths everywhere, the Breton signs (which is so similar to Welsh it’s uncanny, actually it isn’t uncanny, they are damn close obviously.) and the general feel of the place. It was strangely calming and equally un-nerving.

* * *

Lastly, an essay called ‘Rewilding Witchcraft’ has been popping up all over the blogosphere. It is worth a read. I need to re-read it again (has some glaring things to it I disagree with) and I think some sort of response on here is called for.