Sunday, 18 September 2011


I shall keep this short; I am putting this blog to sleep for a while. Maybe weeks, more likely months and I doubt it will be years.

Things are changing, my ideas are changing and I think I owe it to myself to have a go at a different approach. Something Francis said on a previous post:

I think that we should be aiming for a lifestyle that aims at making explicit the connection between our lives and the land around us. (I agree growing and/or harvesting your own food from within the landscape you live in is the most obvious way in to this approach).Sustainability is a happy inevitable consequence of re-engaging with the land immediately around us - but focusing on sustainability as a goal can sometimes create a sort of relationship by proxy with the land around us.

So here is the thing; I think I am doing this by proxy. I am thinking the relationship with the gods comes through a relationship with the land not the other way around or separately. Matters such as sovereignty and relationships with the gods as a means of communing with the landscape – in a much more pantheistic sense – are still foremost. This isn't a switch to atheism, more an experiment in trying to dance along a different way as the sun turns.

I will finish off a couple of articles I had in mind for here and get that 'personal theology' page fitted out. I will drop in and maybe post something – we shall see – but for now I am going to concentrate on the other things I do and of course will blog a bit about it elsewhere. By elsewhere I do mean here.

So anyway, this is a goodbye of sorts, I wish you all well in your pursuits whatever they may be and no doubt I will be noseying about at what you get up to and sticking in my oar.