Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bock.. bock..

Entirely irrelevant I guess but what the hell.

I have chickens! Three youngish ladies now living in my back garden. I could have gone down the route of naming after the gods in some sort of weird honorary thing, but went instead for something far more sensible; names I liked. Sometimes when naming after the gods they take on certain... characteristics; a friend’s iguana was called Innana and turned out to be rather violent. Loki and Thor the bearded dragons tuned out after several years to be Loki and Thora. You get my drift.

So I went with Geri (the one with a ginger head), Mama Cass and for black humour sake; Myra Hendley who is a bleached blonde colour. Yeah I know, very inappropriate. As it happens Geri is very eprky, friendly and totally at ease, Mama Cass is very vocal; always burbling and clucking away and Myra is well, bonkers; very flighty, prone to spazzing out.

the ever lovely Geri

three girls after the SuperCorn

Mama Cass(erole)

the evil eye from Myra Hendley

Anyway, if you are going down the deity route, what on earth do you name chickens?


Anonymous said...

What gorgeious girls!

A.N said...

oh my gods I'm so jealous right now!!!! they'e lovely, and they're so lucky they get to hang out with you! AHHHHH I want chickens! And a quail... Named Q-bert.