Wednesday, 6 July 2011

To the Matres of this home..

I have been horribly remiss of late with my monthly devotions, so much so I am a good 3 days late with my household cult observances. I have excuses but none really hold up when it comes down to it. I hope that one of today's offerings was sufficient contrition.

I have blogasmed a bit before about the initial ideas for household cult observances and stick to this format pretty much. This time though words were said in thanks to Taranis and a few words offered to Lugus.

This devotional is strange, I can only describe it as making me feel incredibly 'comfortable' with what I do and say. No streaming lights from the heavens, no chills up my spine... just incredibly at ease and 'home' with what I do. I guess that is a good thing all things considered.

The key part of this was burning some resin i acquired from a Wollemia pine. They are pretty cool trees; thought extinct since the Jurassic until rediscovered. Seriously in trouble in the wild but pretty successfully cultivated in 'captivity'. N has one on her land and it has been getting on fine - hence the seeping a little resin which I will see about taking a small amount of when I can. It smells much like frankincense though a little less citrus. You can smell the 'specialness' to it :)

The first harvest of pretty red spring onions, home-made cherry jam and some milk; for Briganti and the Matres of the home.

I promise, tomorrow perhaps I will get on to the blood and Solanaceae blogasms.

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Bo said...

Shrine looks great!