Sunday, 3 July 2011

Progress Report

I don’t really have much in terms of long coherent blogasming to do at the moment, so I think I will regale you with some snippets.

Last week we had some of the hottest days in years in the UK, it was hot as hell, humid and sticky. Bloody fucking horrible to put it bluntly. On several occasion I think crossed my mind to offer something to Taranis to set his sons out rampaging and bring us one almighty storm to clear the air, and on the walk home through the gardens at work I spotted a superb Bean Goose feather (we have them living and breeding in the gardens on the various ponds and lakes. A lovely goose feather to asperge to Taranis. It now sits on my altar and will be incorporated into my cosmos.

Things on the allotment have been going well, even more broccoli and the onions are doing well, I even have real and actual beans! They just need a little bit more time to fatten up. Radish and salad leaves in the garden are coming on well and soon I should start having all I need of those for the coming months with proper successional planting in action.

Mary the horse has come back home at last from her year outdoors seasoning and cleaning. Soon I will give her a good clean, whiten and redden the lower jaw before making a veil for her.

I think it deserves a longer post really, but I have been in a situation to make use of blood again in my work. In this case, it stems from wearing sandals again on those aforementioned bloody hot days. I ended with a sodding huge patch of my upper foot worn raw. The next day with socks on (and boots, I would never wear socks with sandals I promise) it seems the scab has welded itself into the cotton. Roll on bedtime when I whip off my sock to have it wrench off the scab, some skin and hair. Serious bloody pain. Serious bloody foot. In fact there was a remarkable amount of deep red blood slowly running out over my foot. Slightly unusually my first instinct was to reach for a holed chunk of flint and chalk I have on my altar and blood it well. I have done this before on one occasion and probably a couple other times over the years. It feels like the right thing to do on occasion, the stone has meaning and purpose. Perhaps it is something best dealt with on it's own and properly. Maybe later when the seeds have been planted and the cherry and balsamic jam is bottled.

Oh, one last thing... it looks like I will be working on the Solanaceae at work in a few months time. I am quite looking forward to this for a couple of reasons, intellectual, agricultural and … well, unorthodox. Maybe it is something else I should hold off and do a proper post on.

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Anonymous said...

Heard a bit about experiences with Solanum so I'll look forward to those more unorthodox motivations :) There are a few blogs I read that I remember some interesting stories from - the kitchen sink collective and the alchemists garden. Might be worth taking a look if you're not already familiar with the blogs.