Saturday, 16 July 2011

Grave Goods

I had been meaning to go for a walk in the graveyard behind the house for a while; the weather has either been piss poor, I have either been busy or it has been closed by the time I get home from work. So, today was ideal; it has been raining all day so as soon as it broke it went out hoping to be one of the only people about as I was bound to attract attention – prying people would receive a very plausible story.

The main intention was to look for blackberries and other possible fruits and harvestables and to get a better idea of the lie of the land and what grows there. I have found my 'gateway'; two beech saplings that form a natural pair of pillars soon after walking through the gates down one of the wooded paths. They stand out from the rest of the wooded areas to the point that it seems they were planted intentionally. From now on they will form the starting point and the place offings and libations are placed – they also happen to be in a place which is likely to be frequented by other people. Oh well.

I managed about 800g of blackberries this time even though it is a little early. The net few weeks should see a huge glut of them – what I collected was dwarfed by what was still green. The whole place is a blackberry paradise which is going to necessitate a visit each week. I also found what are either 2 large damson or small plum trees near to some of the best elder trees. Either way, that’s a lot more fruit I will be gathering. There is also plenty of Dog Rose for hips in a month of two.

The other less gastronomic purpose was two fetch 2 bramble canes; about a foot long and fairly thin and flexible. Whether a gut feeling of some sort of communication between me and Rubus, I have a purpose in mind and I am not sure I like it. Rubus is going to be helping me to cross. It will be doing this when I am wearing two ankle bands made from the canes. They will need some trimming down and fitting of sorts but the thorns will stay on – that is the price. I am interested to give this a go – it seems far too barking an idea to come up with on my own and what I have going on with brambles lately – they want to be involved and this is step 1.

so tonight, the first handful of berries will be offered to Rigantona along with apple resin incense and a similar offering to the canes of last years Elder Rob.

I must be out of my bloody mind.

* * * * *

Well, the 'apple' tree resin doesn't work. It smells of burning caramel and puffs up like popcorn - almost to the point of popping and showering hot resin everywhere. Nice experiment - interesting perfume but I dont think it is something I will make much more use of.

Another idea - the dog-rose bridle on Mary has gotten a big thumbs up. I sat at one point, visualising the skull as it will be when finished, nestled between my hands and felt as if i were being dragged across right there and then - the most incredible surge went up my arms, it was almost overwhelming, definitely the ecstasy I want. It was a proper nipple-tightening experience.

This is something I need to move on with as soon as possible.

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