Thursday, 23 June 2011

This midsummer...

Midsummer is always a strange time of year and a strange festival for me. There is the obvious – not really at the moment, the weather is positively bipolar at least 3 times a day at the moment – connection with the sun; the longest day and all that, but it isn’t obviously the ‘strongest’ day for the sun. The weather has more warming o do and to me the sun will be stronger in a month ro two when (and if) summer really kicks in, the temperature rises and the landscape around me really gets its sex on. The trees and hedges are leafy and green but it is over the coming months that it really hits full lushness and fruitfulness; it is probably six weeks time till the sun is reflected back on itself in the wheat and barley fields.

The summer solstice feels more like a beginning; the sun and the earth really were making leaps forward back at Calan Mai and are now really getting into their stride, it is from now that summer is really here – generally speaking and weather notwithstanding. 

My other problem is Maponos. The solstice is the time when Brython honours him. I just don’t see the connection between him and the sun. To be honest I struggle when it comes to the sun full stop. The sun is millions of miles away and is a huge ball of burning gas. It isn’t alive, my own theology is that the gods and ungods come from life and the living, so to connect a ‘dead’ ball of gas with a living force just doesn’t really fit into my cosmology or theology at all.

Maponos though... now he is an enigma. The recent interpretation of an inscription has get me thinking. I am seeing Maponos in a whole new light. Last night I lit the Briganti flame, offered incense and recited the ‘inscription’ to Maponos and he felt like the one opening the gates, he was the one who lay down his two spears and made the bridge between this world and the Other. Maponos is turning into the White One at the edge of the worlds, our own Eleggua. This role works; it sings in my gut and asks to be acknowledged. And it isn’t just me thinking this.

Divine Maponos; who stands at the edge of this world and the Other.
I seek your hand, I seek your aid.
Guide my crossing,
Show me over the threshold,
to the Otherworld and the spirits within.


Heron said...

My personal view, Lee, is that we should not think of Midsummer in terms of the Solstice. This is an astronomical event, whereas Midsummer is a season when the days are long and the Sun is in the sky for longer than any other time, but when, also the god in the green is resplendent and enchantment is cast over the land. Maponos, as the embodiment of the awencan be seen as ruling over this realm. So it seems to me.

Diannus do Nemi said...

Lee, congrats. Here in Brazil is Winter, we celebrate the death and the renaissance of the Sun and of the Light. Is good see how peoples across the world can feeling the Ancients gods today. I liked your blog, I'll follow.