Monday, 6 June 2011

More magic

There are a few types of magic, I figured I could go through them and explain how they fit into my world-view and scheme of things.

Let's start with Divination; to forsee or be inspired by a God. This one doesnt really play much of a part for me. I have tried tarot – own two sets, feature in one and helped with the research for it. I am the page of discs, well I was back then. Tried runes, (the dodgy) ogham and a couple of other systems and to be honest they just don’t fit for me. So t be honest this is one thing I am happy not to concern myself with, I just don’t really see any need for it in my praxis.

Invocation, well this is one that people use interchangeably with evocation, however it is different. Invocation features in a number of religious practices and is the practice of summoning or inviting a spirit or god into a person. Ritual possession. There is a place for this I feel, though not something to be done on ones own as someone should be there not only to do the invocation but also to guide things along, speak to the god and bid them goodbye. This is something that isn't really to be jumped into, it needs preparation and experienced people around you. Perhaps something for the future.

Evocation is when you command or invite spirits et al to be present at a ritual for instance. The command/invite can involve different tools – athame or wand respectively – though to my mind invite is always the better option. If you are looking to foster a stronger and closer relationship with the Landscape around you (capitalised deliberately there) then it is surely better to do so in co-operation with those ungods and gods living within it rather than bumbling in and starting to bark orders.

Enchantment is pretty obvious, this is your spellcraft, the fetish, the oils, the incenses etc., the obvious side of magic. This is something I have mentioned just the other day so don’t really think I need to go not it more.


Deiniol said...

Interestingly, aside from your obvious enchantment bit (i.e. curses!), divination seems to have been the thing which historically was of most interest to our ancestors. And, of course, it's perhaps worth mentioning that the source of auguries doesn't necessarily have to be a god: it seems that it was common in IE religions to seek omens from the dead.

Anonymous said...

What was the tarot deck Lee?

For me divination is the one thing I do practise quite regularly, but it's not always to foresee the future.

Lee said...

Tarot of Northern Shadows