Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I've been shopping

First off there is this lovely little chap - Toad - who will be turned into a charm for myself. Dyed with red ochre,  berry juice and some of my own blood. I think some sort of reliquary to keep him in as he is very delicate indeed. He will be asked to help and guide in travelling. Frog/Toad has been a guide of this nature for many years and it is about time I reacquainted myself with him.

Then there is this handsome devil, Corvus corone, the skull will be painted with dyes and along with one leg will be incorporated into a fetish. The other leg I will use for another charm for myself; those talons are huge and wicked.


Angelina said...

awesome! I'm happy to see other bone-iphiles "boners" hanging around lol

Anonymous said...

And, I thought I was the only "purveyor of oddities" that played "dress up" with me critters!

Lovin' it!

Lee said...

Nah, I am a proper boner person :) I have a horse skull that has been sat out fully curing the past year or so, She will have to come back indoors some time soon i think for tarting up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skulls - so lucky to find a dead toad these days! You've reminded me I have a Barn Owl buried somewhere too... must get busy next time I'm there!