Monday, 6 June 2011


Ever since I wrote the new myth about the Making of the World, it had occurred to me that this 'model' of thee cosmos could be quite useful in terms of trance and shamanic style techniques; we have an upper level, the heavens in a literal sense as portrayed and also the place where the gods dwell. Not in an 'up' place like heaven, more a place behind the landscape we know; an Otherworld which is where the gods dwell. A rise in consciousness perhaps.

Then there is this world, a middle level, the physical plane where we live and a plane where all three meet and merge into one whole.
Lastly there is the Underworld, the Realm of the Dead however you may view that.

Each of these three represented by the three gods who formed the cosmos from the body and soul of the first father .Dyeus; Taranis in the heavens, Rigantona as the land and Tigernonos as the ruler of the watery world which led to the place of the dead.

Whilst daydreaming and thinking about this and these representations the notion of some sort of sigil or pictographic image of this cosmic model popped into my head (see above), it should be fairly self explanatory.

The next step in my thought process cropped up when the Witch's Ladder was on my mind – no idea either, it was just in there for some reason – and so I got to thinking about making a physical representation of the cosmos. This had cropped up before in truth, way back when it ha occurred to me that an antlered staff/stang would act as a cosmic model and altar in one, as it does in Cochranesque traditional witchcraft. I dont really want to make a full size stang for this, so I thought something of a mix between that and a Witch's ladder might work quite well being as it would be smaller and more portable.

The picture I have cobbled together – the wonders of MS Paint – roughly shows the kind of thing I mean: a pair of antlers (probably 3 or 4 point roe deer ones, not too big) with two branches hung below of appropriate wood for the middle and under realms. On each section, strung into the cord are items like feathers, shells, bones and stones as appropriate for that realm

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