Monday, 16 May 2011

A Verdant Pantheon

Not too long ago I came across something which has been sitting in my head: there are inscriptions to two 'gods' known from France, namely : Fagus and Robur.

Now these two gods are the trees themselves, beech and oak respectively.

This 'deification' of trees seems like useful idea in terms of addressing ungods or spirits of place. So Oak trees in general would fall under Robur and specific trees could perhaps be the Hosts of Robur.

Considering that the elder in the graveyard is about to hit full blossom and the fruit will also be featuring heavily in some foraging trips I plan for later in the year, it seems like an idea to begin addressing thanks and leaving appropriate libations to the ungod Sambucus and her children.

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Anonymous said...

Fagus and Robur eh?

Makes perfect sense when I think about it...