Monday, 16 May 2011

Honey Honey..

New banner for a new blogasm. I found this one on the site of a surrealist artist. Not much else I can add to that I guess.

* * *

things on the allotment front are looking good, all giong well though my beans need some extra minerals as they are looking a bit yellow. The lack of ran is worrying, I mean, I know I only have a small patch to water but I don't think we have had rain to speak off in weeks and with a hot summer ahead I things will be hitting the fan for gardeners and farmers alike.

* * *

Tomorrow is the full moon, not only will I be doing my regular full moon observances but will be tying into it the brython Calan Mai observance and something tied in with being in the new home. The weeks immediately following moving were hectic and I have only just finished getting everything packed and put away which for me is shocking, normally it is something I have done within 48 hours. So expect *something* from me in the coming days; a blogasm and some pics perhaps.

Oh! new ritual tool! I now have a kindle and have discovered that I can load PDFs onto it; including hymns etc so wont have to have a book open on different pages t recall exactly what I should be saying. I see this as a huge step forward in religious paraphernalia :) it is also handy for reading whilst commuting.

* * *

I have been doing a little extra shopping this month online, picking up things like some small cork stoppered bottles, coloured thread, silver wire and 'animal bits' shall we say. I think I have said before how my personal praxis has been quite focussed on the formal ritual aspect and I want to get back to the more shamanish, witchcrafty kind of theurgical work. Well, this shopping has been in aid of crafting some fetish to get that under way. In the past it is the kind of thing I have responded well to and will have a stab at again.

* * *

My house is precariously perched on the end of that orange arrow.

It turns out the cemetary behind my new place is also a nature reserve, the pics make it look like woodland and to be honest that what it is these days. I have been for a walk along the paths that weave through the alarmingly high canopy and for intents and purpose it is a woodland, albeit with gravestones in it. There are plenty of birds (woodpeckers and long tailed tits were most memorable), plants and trees and probably far more than I saw on my Saturday morning amble. They are having an open day next weekend so I think I will go along and join up with the FONC in order to get involved in maintenance work etc. also to find out who it is that has some beehives in there (something I really want to have a go at and hopefully have a hive of my own, well, set up a home for some nice bees to hang out in though not really be mine), so look out for 'Graveyard Honey' some time in the future.

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