Monday, 18 April 2011

May pt.1

Well, I did say I would do a lot of blogasming in May so consider this an early start.
I am in a new house – different area, a lot cheaper and in many ways a lot better than the studio flat. That said, I don’t have as much of my own space and privacy, but as always; swings and roundabouts.

The house's small garden (soon to be done up with edibles and not so edibles) backs on to Nunhead Graveyard (think early 19th C graveyard that nature is slowly reclaiming) which I cant wait to explore and get to know. There are apparently tons of Elder and bramble bushes so a host of free food to be available.

This time tomorrow I will have moved the last of my stuff to the new house and with luck will have done most of the unpacking. I am lucky in that my room has a big old fireplace all intact, a real proper bloody hearth! I think it will receive a good clean out and become part of the permanent ritual setting in the future. Once I have done something with it I will post some pics, at the moment it is swamped with books, clothes and orchids awaiting unpacking.

The allotment is going very well; the tomatoes and celeriac failed completely but the borlotti beans and onions are looking incredible – maybe the hymn to Ambactonos and the offering at the four corners of the plot had some effect, if only to point out that he doesn’t want me growing toms and celeriac and that onions will be looked on favourably. Who am I to argue.

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Anonymous said...

ah celeriac... i pulled up most of last years celeriac that came to nothing, but i've left some of it in to see if this year it will swell.