Monday, 25 April 2011

Calan Mai Myth

As I have said before, I really like the Kilhwch-Olwen-Hawthorn Gaint legend that can be so easily and conveniently set at this time of year. So when the notion of writing new myths to 'explain' and go with seasonal celebrations came up it was an obvious thing to retain. In addition, the possible seed in the legend of Kilhwch being a remnant of a Pig God as suggested by Patrick Ford.

So this is Nellie's fault to an extent, my sitting down and sowing some seeds of ides and seeing what kinds of weeds may grow. I am happy with the concept of this myth; I like the little nods to other ideas and the medieval legends but essentially I like the overall message; summer is coming, the weather is getting a lot better and soon the land will be lush and bountiful and full of LIFE.

I am sure it will undergo a revision or two, and I can hazard a guess a to how will be in an ideal position to make and corrections or additions/subtractions. Fire away chaps!

* * * 

The songs of the Gods and the Ungods had reached the ears of Rigantona in the Halls of the dead. The songs of all peoples of the land the and animals who lived in, on and above they had called her back to the Land she had once formed from the flesh of Dyeus.

In her absence the Wives of Winter had given birth to many sons and the first among them was the Thorn tree. In the absence of Rigantona he had stretched his arms across the land and choked the life from it; all things which grew were shrouded under his twisted and thorny grip and all things which ran and breathed were scratched and torn at by his thorns. And so it was that even with the passage of Rigantona back into this world, the growing and breeding all of all living things was not able to come back with her.

Rigantona passed over the land as best she could, everywhere she went her passage was hindered by black branches and tearing thorns and so she set out to clear the Chief Thorn tree from her way.

She went to the only one of the First Animals she knew who could pass unhindered across the land; Mokkonos and went to him as a white sow. The son she bore from him was taken up by the gods. Gobannos forged for him a great iron spear, which Ambactonos sung into a charm of cutting that only he knew for the strongest of ploughs for tending the wildest of lands.

This narrow boar of a son of Rigantona was borne by her to the heart of the Thorn and there sought to do battle with him. He took his song charmed spear and drove it deep into the heart of the Thorn and stole almost all of it's life from it.

As the life fled from his body, Rigantona sang into his veins and his blood began to course anew in his body. As it did so every part of him and his offspring put out fresh new leaves to cover their hard black branches and soften their wicked black thorns.

As the last breath left the Chief Thorn Rigantona seized it up and cupped it in her hands, there she mixed it with the blood sap which spilled into the soil and breathed life into her.

Rigantona set her narrow boar son and his new wife to travel the land pushing back the sons of the Thorn, and as they passed the White Track daughter of the Thorn set the branches with blossom.

This is why, once the son of Rigantona and his White Track Wife pass across the landscape and set the dead thorns with leaf and with blossom, the fullness of Rigantona will pass by soon after.

Monday, 18 April 2011

May pt.1

Well, I did say I would do a lot of blogasming in May so consider this an early start.
I am in a new house – different area, a lot cheaper and in many ways a lot better than the studio flat. That said, I don’t have as much of my own space and privacy, but as always; swings and roundabouts.

The house's small garden (soon to be done up with edibles and not so edibles) backs on to Nunhead Graveyard (think early 19th C graveyard that nature is slowly reclaiming) which I cant wait to explore and get to know. There are apparently tons of Elder and bramble bushes so a host of free food to be available.

This time tomorrow I will have moved the last of my stuff to the new house and with luck will have done most of the unpacking. I am lucky in that my room has a big old fireplace all intact, a real proper bloody hearth! I think it will receive a good clean out and become part of the permanent ritual setting in the future. Once I have done something with it I will post some pics, at the moment it is swamped with books, clothes and orchids awaiting unpacking.

The allotment is going very well; the tomatoes and celeriac failed completely but the borlotti beans and onions are looking incredible – maybe the hymn to Ambactonos and the offering at the four corners of the plot had some effect, if only to point out that he doesn’t want me growing toms and celeriac and that onions will be looked on favourably. Who am I to argue.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Any day now!

Ysbaddaden will be slain and his Olwen will be free to traverse the land.

Yeah I know... I am being shit at the moment

OK, fair do's. I have been crap at updating this blog recently. I promise I will do a lot in May.

This is going on so I will do something for it, in addition APABE have a consultation happening so I think I might blogasm about that and in addition I might do a good old fashioned rant or two.