Monday, 28 March 2011

Old Ground

A slightly different approach for this one; spurred on by recent email discussion and general ponderings I have been thinking about some of the very ‘basics’ that I learned back in the day when I was first getting involved with various paganisms.

I grew up in a small town in west Wales, with only the one bookshop to speak of and that tended not to have anything in stock that was of much interest to those of a less than Christian persuasion. The nearest town was about 15 miles away and that was no better. This was also way before the time the internet had become so ubiquitous. So, i used to go into Seaways bookshop and would ask what kind of thing they could order – this often meant poking about the stacks and waiting till nobody else was around as I was still very hush hush about my interests. The couple who owned the place would be sat behind the desk and would almost quite literally go through the supplier catalogue and read out what was available to order and I would stop them when something sounded interesting, get them to read the blurb and then ask them to order it if it sounded interesting. This went on for maybe 3 years and at least a dozen books I think. It was terribly secretive and horribly primitive in terms of book acquisition. I do miss the whole set up.

Marian Green was probably top of my list of authors to buy. There was something very simple and straightforward about her books; they gave the kind of grounding you needed (even if you didn’t want it) in beginning on a magico-religous tradition. There would be exercised on visualization, pathworking, spellcraft, ritual and general ‘nice’ things to get you started. To be honest, I have probably forgotten 50% of what I learned back then and the other 50% has been invaluable but has morphed into what I do today. The idea of visualisation, pathworking and what you might call ‘journeying’ has been on my mind with a view to theurgical work. I am giving thought to the exact manner in which contact should be sought and approached. I have a mind also to go back and buy some of those books I have long since given up and refresh myself and revisit those things I have maybe thought unimportant or unnecessary.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Well, spring is here with gusto at last. The daffodils are going berserk and are being joined by Magnolias, Cherry blossom and Blackthorn blossom. On top of that it lovely and warm without being too hot. Perfect spring weather.

What makes it all the sweeter is that I am now working at Kew Gardens (Biodiversity and Informatics dept.) and so get to spend my lunches out in the gardens; the pic attached pretty much sums up what I spent my lunch looking at today, a very nice, deep pink Magnolia campbelli in bloom.

It has been another hiatus of epic proportions for me in terms of blogasming on here. Not an awful lot has been going on really; maybe I will knock something together later this evening and write more then. For now I thought I should post *something*.