Saturday, 5 February 2011


Miraculously, I was up well before dawn. I did all of the washing up and about an hour before dawn sat about cleaning the cooker; and by the gods did it need it. Once done, I lit my oil lamp from one of the burners and switched off all other lights in the flat. About half an hour later at around sunrise, I lit some candles from the central lamp flame and then carried it back into the kitchen and used it to light one of the burners on the hob. Said a few words to Briganti, blew out the flame and then relit it from the new hob flames.

I followed this with offerings to the household gods, making use of two new hymns to Rosmerta as part of the libations.

This evening, after a day on the allotment I will set about my 'proper' ritual and triple toast in honour of Briganti at a time being shared with others of similar persuasion.

A Hymn to Rosmerta at the filling of the cup

It is you who pours out this drink,
not my hands that cause it's flowing.
It is you that can make this happen
as it is you who has that power to give
it is you who bestow this drink upon us
it is you who hands it to the sovereign
not my hands that pour and present it Rosmerta;
it is only you who can offer this cup
it is you who makes it more than it is
through your grace it becomes the
drink of sovereignty, bestowed
upon those of the Teguloktos Rigantona.

A Hymn to Rosmerta at the making of a libation

The bull sons pour down
onto the belly of the mare
and under the gaze of the golden
chariot; are fruits borne.
It is your place to pour them
and proper for you to provide
them. Into my hands
place them and guide
me in my pouring.
May the libation be good.

Your hand at mine so the oblation may be proper
and the guest honoured.
Rosmerta; guide my pouring.