Thursday, 13 January 2011

This is somewhat pre-emptive but it does at least make a difference to doing things after the event. February Eve is two weeks away and I already have thoughts of how to mark it in mind;

Back at Halloween I bought three blood red roses and over three nights tore off the petals and scattered them on my altar, offered to Rigantona, where they were left to dry. They are still there now, and with the changing season – slowly and almost imperceptibly it is happening here – I will remove them along with the winter d├ęcor on the altar and throw them into the stream that feeds the lake in Crystal Palace park. I will gather some greens, new shoots and hopefully a few daffodils from the front garden (which decided to start sprouting back in November) and redecorate the altar. I will get a three white roses and again offer the petals over a few days. This certainly feels like the right thing to do in order to mark the changing year and tie it in with Her.

I just went back and looked up what I did at this time last year and it seems like I have subconsciously planned the same thing; I have even gone so far as to buy the steamed buns ahead of time. I don't think I will alter the ritual, it works fine, maybe some of the actions that go with it etc.

The main change I want to start introducing is the inclusion of a short hymn to Rosmerta. Over on CaerFeddwyd she has been brought up as a perfect example of a deity we should be aiming to foster a relationship with; she has what so many other gods lack and that is a useful iconogrphic and epigraphic history. We can be fairly sure she was consort to Lugus, we know her name means something like 'great provider' and that there are likely associations with pouring out drink and of sovereignty. I have a view in mind to include her when it comes to the libation, though I am not sure in what context yet.

Oh and I will be heading to St Bride's church in Fleet Street again this year and have been mindful to check when it will be open so as to avoid a repeat of the last time I visited. Perhaps also a stroll to the British Museum to have a look at Romano-British statuary.

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