Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Desert..

..of lapwings is apparently the correct collective noun. Odd that one, sounds rather miserable and rather barren. Which is a shame really considering the associations I have placed with them. I saw LOADS of them again, all in flight as I was leaving Fishguard and heading back to London. Kind of meaningful; I had spent a lot of time researching my agricultural ancestors, the kind who would most definitely had Ambactonos as patron were it not for a few accidents of history.

I have not really been happy with the ancestor side of my household cult observances, I am simply not feeling the connection. This was brought into the stark daylight over Christmas whilst I was back home in Wales when I was able to do a bit ore digging into my family tree and history – getting to mooch about the chapel graveyard in what I guess could be considered my ancestral home of Hayscastle and poring over censuses from 1841 and finding the family farm back then gave me more of a connection to these dead souls than my sitting over a cup of tea. It is now blindingly obvious that what I want is to for some sort of connection to these people; these people who made me who I am. The plan is to do some genealogical research at around the time of the new moon specifically (I will of course do some at other times) and dedicate that time to them as it were. When I am at a brick wall and in need of visiting the records office 300 miles away then perhaps it would be better to simply go over what I have or type up some of the stories I have heard about them (for instance; my great grandfather was the person the banks sent people to to borrow money when they weren't able, and as a result the poet Idwal Lloyd was able to put himself through uni on the back of a loan from Great Grandfather Thomas Davies). This to me I think kind of encapsulates what honouring my ancestors is about; remembering them and preserving their lives and legacies.


Potia said...

Family history research can be a great addiction. I've only done a little bit myself but my mum has been researching our family for decades.

It's a good way of connecting :)

Anonymous said...

It almost becomes an illness with me lol! I've got a few of my branches back to the mid 1600's but you can never know enough ;)
Have you thought of joining ancestry to help with the old research? (I think ancestry is easier to use and much clearer than genes reunited for what it's worth)
Ancestry has put me in touch with a few people that ended up providing photos which was super cool :)
I couldn't agree more that it's a really great way to feel connected to blood ancestors, wondering what motivated them to do the things they did.

Anonymous said...

Ha! :) Just been reading back through your blog again and see you've already found the delights of ancestry!