Sunday, 30 January 2011

Brigantica approaches

I really should get myself a proper diary; there are a few things coming up, projects about to begin and I find I will never keep it all in my head and something will invariably be forgotten. This year though I don't want to forget.

First things first; my allotment. Today I am off to do the last of the digging over and manuring. I will also be planning exactly what I am going to grow this year and 'plan' out my allotment year as it were.

Secondly, something is about to begin that I am going to be involved in that is very exciting indeed. It is something totally new, and very much a surprise offer. I cant really say much at this stage as it is very early indeed, I guess the only hint I can drop is 'Clan of Tubal Cain'.

The Horse Sacrifice. This is something that cropped up last year when I was thinking about and discussing the concept of sovereignty (along with a few blogasms on the subject). At the time, the notion of the horse sacrifice and the place of this ritual was on my mind; in some ways it find it a fascinating possibility and something I think I would like to re-create in some sense – obviously in a somewhat symbolic manner or making use of a 'dummy' horse rather than a full on mare. Perhaps the biggest hurdle right now is Rigantona. She and the Mare are one, and to kill an embodiment of a mare seems almost sacrilegious, even though I KNOW there is more to it than that and am not normally squeamish about things. Hell, I have a horse skull which I will be moving into my flat soon enough (it has been outdoors all winter 'seasoning'). This then forms another matter which I want to look into, mainly by looking into original sources and reports and academic analyses of these materials. Originally I came up with something involving a baked bread horse effigy which is 'killed' torn up and shared by the group as part of a yearly 're-establishing sovereignty' ritual. If that makes sense? It isn't something that can be rushed into, there are all manner of implications and more precisely, research to be done. I dont think this year will see the inauguration of our yearly Horse Sacrifice, but perhaps the groundwork will be set down in time for next year's gathering.

Lastly there is Rosmerta. As I have mentioned before, she is a deity well worth getting to know and in order to do this, I will be incorporating hymns to her in my personal practice as part of offering libations. This was started 2 weeks ago at full moon and will be carried on with the coming new moon and next Saturday’s Brigantica festivities. Hymns are pretty much written – as they tend to write themselves when needed.

One last thing, I have been compiling what can only be terms a Brythonic prayer book; all the hymns I and other members of Brython have written along with some ritual and myth. All together in a nice little document ready to be printed out once finished. I suppose if it appears good and fills up nicely – and the others at Brython approve – we can always upload it as a PDF to the internet and it can be freely available for people to download and make use of.


Ancestral Celt said...

Have you considered putting the hymns into a book along with images submitted by some of the members to be created into a self-published book?

Lee said...

we did talk about something like this a while ago, using

perhaps in time it will be something to reconsider.