Sunday, 26 December 2010


Well, I did it last year and find myself once again on a bed at mum's house at Christmas writing something to go on this blog. I have been incredibly lax of late I know but don't really have much to blogasm about.

It is almost 2am, colder than a witches tit out and the sky is clear. There are more stars in the sky than I have seen in a long time – probably the last time I was outside of London and looking upwards. The moon has been beyond beautiful the past few days though hid behind clouds for the eclipse – a horrid task it was getting up at 7am after about 4 hours sleep and a bottle of Morgan's Spiced.

I have just returned in from the backyard where I did far more than the triple toast – I think I must've toasted about 8 times in all and don't think it too many as all were appropriate and timely. I am sure I have said before that this week of ritual and observance has felt like a worthwhile and rewarding set of practices, and as I am in the second year of this set of observances I have not changed my view, it has if anything reinforced it.

The only other significant thing worth mentioning is the lapwings. The part of west Wales I am from and currently am pottering about has not as far as I can recall in the 20 odd years I have been living and meandering about had many lapwings. I don't in fact recall ever seeing any. So it it is immediately significant to me that they are everywhere at the moment, all over the town and surrounding area. Now this is most likely to be something relating to migration patterns changing or being waylaid due to to the extreme weather we are having. It may not. What I do have niggling away in the back of my mind is that I should be taking something away from this; the daily sighting of many, many lapwings. With this perky little chaps I know I am straying into Iolo M. and Robert G. territory as the only relevance to me is Amaethon/Ambactonos. An association which isn't lost on my of late with the year swinging around to finishing off preparing my plot for sowing and a year of vegetable based sufficiency. The agricultural associations at the moment don't stop there; I have been chatting with my cousin who has been doing a lot of genealogy research of late and has re-sparked off my drive to do more work on it – and as I am at home with the genealogical resource otherwise known as 'old family members' at my fingertips it would be foolish not to make the most of it. I have set myself a target for the coming years to get back at least 5 generations on at least the Welsh side of the family and make an effort with the Irish side (they are going to be a bit harder to work on). The agricultural association there is that they are all farmers once you go back a single generation.

With new year coming up people will be making resolutions. I will not. I am shit at keeping that kind of thing so wont even make the poorest of attempts. Instead I have some thoughts about the kinds of things I will be working on;
  1. five generations of genealogical research
  2. refine existing personal practice
  3. refine and clarify 'festival' based personal practice.
  4. Ambactonos based practice
I think that will do for now, one or two other mad ideas popping up in my head right now are best kept for stewing over before committing to.

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