Monday, 8 November 2010


November is here.

In some quarters it has just been the Celtic New Year. My view? bollocks. We have a perfectly good new year already within society, we don't need to go and invent another one. I mean, who really, genuinely feels the same about Nov 1st as they do Jan 1st? I certainly don't and I doubt many others so too, but then it is apparently 'anciente' and 'myfteriouf'. If I sound grouchy it is because I am, I have had a bad chest for almost 2 weeks now, plus the arse end of a cold too. On top of that I have lots to do at the museum and at home and all less than a week to do it in before I clear off to the wilds of Paraguay for 5 weeks. 

The festival formerly known as Samhain - personally I slip back into Halloween and with enough ease as to remind myself that it is as perfectly good a name for it as any - has just emerged from the mists and is slowly sinking back into them. It is supposed to be the marker for the beginning of winter, the things is; it simply isnt winter here in south London. It is most definately autumn; golden leaves (and I really do mean golden at the moment) and a damp chilliness in the air. All those things that to me scream autumn. No frosts and no flesh shredding cold that slips not your bones and wont be shifted with anything less than a hot shower, nothing to me that says winter yet. 

The remedy to this November festival of the dead and the beginning of winter is to slip a knife between them, pry them apart and take them as they should be; separate. Halloween is given back to the dead and only the dead - something like the Mexican Dias de los Muertos, whilst the 'Hello Mr Winter, how nice to see you again' festival - let's call it Winternights - to be observed when winter comes a knocking. 

* * *

I knocked the above together a few days ago and didnt really feel in the mood to carry on writing.

This will probably by the last you hear from me until I get back from S America in mid to late December. We shall see if I have anything interesting to write about then.



Anonymous said...

Well Lee - I agree! I've also been grumpily mumbling about it *not* being winter yet - nor come to think of it, that the Wild Hunt had been out on the hem, prescribed day (oophs) night! I did hear the Hounds of Hel howling with the first of the November gales tho and that was closer to 15deg Scorpio than 31st Oct! Just goes to show an open mind is best kept eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi ~ I've just stumbled across your blog after searching the net for references to Tigernonos and finding Dun Brython...
I expect I'm going to spend the next few days trawling through all the information, but I just wanted to leave a comment to say what a great site it is! I'm actually really excited to have found it!!
After a long old ten years or so of circling my way around Rhiannon i'm finally in a place where i'm ready (for what though I'm not sure) and I can't wait to read through all the stuff on the Dun Brython site properly :)
Nellie x

Lee said...

HI Nellie,

welcome to my blog, when you post n any of the older posts it should let me know so i can answer, failing that just post on the latest posting and we can discuss on that to make it easier.

take a look at Caer feddwyd too, where all the discussion for Brython goes on