Monday, 27 September 2010

A Hymn to Ambactonos

Ambactonos; the one who knows the skies,
the stars and heavens and the passing of the seasons.
The one who knows the movements of the chariot of the sun
and the bull sons of Taranis, as well as he knows the furrow
in the soil and the green things which grow.

Ambactonos; he who knows how to till and to sow
to caress the earth and tease life from it. He who knows
when the dew will lie and the rains fall, to quicken the growth
of the seed he has planted within Rigantona's embrace.

Ambactonos; he who knows the face of the sun
and how his gaze will fall. He who knows the edge of the blade
that cuts at the harvest and when the two should meet.
All of this knowledge and all of this skill, Ambactonos
I ask for a draught.

I tend to be reticent about posting liturgy up on here. That said this is one of those times when I sat down with an idea half formed of what I wanted to appear on the screen and a few minutes later I had three stanzas. It seemed an appropriate and proper thing to do in advance of my beginning work on the allotment this coming weekend - weather permitting - and to go with the first speaking of this hymn I am offering Ambactonos a portion of my first harvest. In this case that happens to be my first batch of home sprouted mung beans currently nearing readiness for eating on the windowsill.


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Wow, I really like that! Do you mind if I attempt a translation?

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go for it :) i would be curious to see it

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