Monday, 27 September 2010

A Hymn to Ambactonos

Ambactonos; the one who knows the skies,
the stars and heavens and the passing of the seasons.
The one who knows the movements of the chariot of the sun
and the bull sons of Taranis, as well as he knows the furrow
in the soil and the green things which grow.

Ambactonos; he who knows how to till and to sow
to caress the earth and tease life from it. He who knows
when the dew will lie and the rains fall, to quicken the growth
of the seed he has planted within Rigantona's embrace.

Ambactonos; he who knows the face of the sun
and how his gaze will fall. He who knows the edge of the blade
that cuts at the harvest and when the two should meet.
All of this knowledge and all of this skill, Ambactonos
I ask for a draught.

I tend to be reticent about posting liturgy up on here. That said this is one of those times when I sat down with an idea half formed of what I wanted to appear on the screen and a few minutes later I had three stanzas. It seemed an appropriate and proper thing to do in advance of my beginning work on the allotment this coming weekend - weather permitting - and to go with the first speaking of this hymn I am offering Ambactonos a portion of my first harvest. In this case that happens to be my first batch of home sprouted mung beans currently nearing readiness for eating on the windowsill.

Friday, 24 September 2010


I learned a new word recently: theurgy. Which is rather handy as it is something that encapsulates nicely the one element missing from my personal practice at the moment. I would like to think I have got my lunar devotional work to a good place; it has been something like 8 months now and I am keeping up with it all – pretty much, aside from the odd day slippage when life throws something up - which is good for me. 

So I think this is certainly an area to focus on for the time being, especially in terms of the 'how to'. There are a number of trance practices which I can draw upon here and some of which I have experience with, that said working on something new isn't a bad thing at all. We shall see and I shall of course post a report! Wild hallucinations and all! (in fact I am looking forward to those somewhat)

In addition, I have been considering the possibility of incorporating Taranis into my personal practice. Originally I was thinking of slotting him into the lunar devotional cycle but this just doesn't feel right. So, the possibility of a lesser yearly festival to him cropped up and this seems to fit better for now. The next thing to consider is when to do this – someone has suggested elsewhere that when the first thunderstorms begin – and this seems like a good point to bear in mind. 

Then, last week I was woken 2 days on the trot by the honking of geese flying overhead, an occurrence whose meaning wasn't lost on me. Coupled with the only thunder I have heard in London this year the week before it seemed like and certainly occurred to me that this was a big hint. So, I have my time, I have my place I just need now to establish what I will do.

Last of all, another one of those things that has been playing on my mind of late is setting up of a magical working group, perhaps a teaching coven. That said it wont be a Wiccan one (at least not initially as I am not in a position to do so and don't really have the desire to do so either at the moment) and will be a straightforward religious witchcraft coven based around a set of deities whom I already have in mind. Without going into more detail at this early stage it will mesh together general witchcraft within a framework of gods and ritual akin to what I have been developing myself, so whilst it pains me use this term at the moment it is somehow more descriptive and fitting; Brythonic witchcraft. I need to give this a lot more thought and embark on discussion with various parties. Then again, I might not and do so further in the future in a similar guise. So, once again I will have something different to blogasm about.