Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rabid Beast

Once again it has been a long time since I have posted. I cant really offer an explanation – perhaps one or two contributory factors I guess – other than to say, I have been doing other things and sometimes when I sit down to write a post I simply cannot be arsed to get past a single line or two.

Two weeks ago I moved home; I now have my own studio in Crystal Palace which is frankly rather nice for a studio and is beginning to feel like my own home after a week or so of it … not.

Once I was in and had a free night to myself I set about an evening of ritual activity; I carried out my household cult ritual with some ad-hoc words thrown in for the occasion. Went about “smudging” the place with frankincense and generally welcomed the spirits to the new home. The gods were offered food and drink and went about making an offering to the large oak and yew trees in the shared gardens. I see it as an opportunity to increases the household cult by incorporating – if it works out that way – the spirits outside as well as inside the home.

I have had a whole suite of vaccinations over the past week in anticipation of a month long trip to the wilds of west Paraguay – and frankly felt like shit-on-a-stick for a few days after them. Today's rabies jab and the way I felt afterwards seem to indicate that the swine flu and rabies jabs are what did me in for almost a full 4 days.

Lammas has been and gone, the beginning of the harvest season has come and tomorrow I will be partaking in it; I am off to a friend's who lives outside Bromley in a small rural Village (Downe) where we will be off out picking blackberries, elderberries, damsons and maybe some pears and apples growing somewhat ferrally(especially in the grounds of the Buxton browne site in the link above, there is a pear tree there that gave me a black eye last year. bastard). I will probably spend Friday evening and Saturday processing them into jams, jellies and cordials (a fair chunk of the elderberries being made into Elder Rob again).

I am getting to the satge of not being in the mood to write more so will sign off here and come back to this when I have something more interesting to do.

As an aside, as I have limited internet in the new place at the moment I have been occupying my time with some “creative writing” and by that I mean speculative palaeontology, effectively inventing a new world of fossils and palaeontology to play with. I have far more ideas than I can commit to binary for now so I think this little exercise will keep me busy for a while.

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