Monday, 23 August 2010

Green Fingers

I will probably change the remit of this blog a little I think. Not much ‘new’ is happening and so I don’t want to leave it to either become a barren wasteland and I don’t want it to become somewhere I occasionally pop in and ramble about nothing. I am sure that if any new projects come along I will talk about them, I can also foresee the occasional blogasm on how my lunar devotionals are coming along too.

So, for now… the newest project to enter my life;

I have an allotment!

My friend in Downe who I mentioned briefly has a large several acre field out the back of her house which she owns. She currently has a small patch of veggie growing which feeds the two of them comfortably and provides a glut of some produce too. As of this weekend I am going to take on a plot 5x5m to grow some food on. I am horrifically excited and have already been planning what I want to grow, the plan being is that me and N wont overlap on produce too much so we can share what we get out of it and both of us will benefit. In addition, we discovered a huge stand of Damsons, a huge stand of Rosehips plus some other semi-wild fruit trees and will be in a jamming and preserving frenzy over the coming weeks. I have gone on before about wild food harvesting and this year the whole affair has gone off with a bang; we spent Saturday night making damson Cheese and have the
princely amount of 4 kilos. The other 3 kilos of damsons we picked (nowhere near using up the potential crop from the hedgerow) will be used in other ways; I will be making them into damson gin and vodka.

Next weekend I am going to be pillaging the elderberries from nearby, collecting crabapples for jellying and drying and having a look at a promising cherry tree I saw.
I would like to say this is all about weaving myself into the landscape more; relying upon it more for my living and by extension giving back more too. I think that is probably about 40% of it, the other 60% is a mix of desire to give this a whirl and sheer need to cut my cost of living. With an uncertain future – the NHM is government funded and looks to be arsefucked in the upcoming government spending review – I need to look at ways of cutting the cost of living in the way I am accustomed. Part of this is to get what food I can as cheaply as I can and where possible; for free.
I think this will be an interesting development, I am sure there will be ramifications for my spiritual and religious practices and so will make use of this fetile new ground as a means of producing content for this blog.


Potia said...

If the damson gin making goes well I'd love a bottle or two ;)

I'm impressed with your harvesting and plans to produce more. In spite of having a garden we don't get around to doing anything in the way of vegetable gardening. I do have some lovely lavendar though.

Bo said...

Lucky bastard!!