Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A two month hiatus is pretty over the top for me, it is I think the longest I have gone without posting at least something.

In the two months since I last posted I have been continuing with my lunar observances, observed the solstice and general been thinking about things and getting on with them.

I thoroughly enjoy the lunar observances; as someone who is awful at regular devotional work and who only managed to do a month of daily observances with some effort and even them missed a day or two here and there, it comes as relief that I am able to manage fortnightly observances with relative ease (albeit adjusting the night sometimes to allow for people being at my place – I prefer the peace of an empty flat for this). They have also been opening up thought patterns is how I relate to these gods and spirits, to the point now that I am planning what I will do in terms of the household cult when I move house in 2 weeks. I suppose in a way this has caused a shift in my way of thinking so that these activities are sliding into place within my mundane life rather than there being a clear sacred-profane delineation. All very good, to my mind.

The solstice came and went; I observed it at the same time as the other members of Brython, using some of the same actions and words as they were. Again this has reinforced this as being a particularly useful and meaningful thing to do.

Other than that, life is rather busy; my contract at work is up in a month so I need to sort something. I have to move house by the end of the month so am busy dealing with that and at work things have been particularly busy these past 2 weeks. I look forward to some peace and tranquillity as late summer comes. At about which time it will be the time of Harvests. This year I wont be celebrating in the ‘normal’ way, as it is of course geared toward grain harvests which I of course don’t have. I am thinking of ways in which to mark the harvest season – and season it is, not an event – and am thinking of something involving the first wild fruit harvests I bring in. maybe when I have considered it more I will be in a mood and mind-frame to post something on here.

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