Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wiltshire Weekend

I spent the weekend down in Wiltshire at a friends – we shall call her N – where I occasionally disappear to, to relax and spent time with people I am close to.

On arriving, N's sister C – another close friend – was there with her kids too, and was pleased to hear that the previous Halloween they had gone to swallowhead spring to hold a smell ritual. The best part was that they read out loud Bo's myth of how the willow came to be at Swallowhead Spring [ pics below ]. We paid a visit to the spring and spent a good hour or so just pottering about there and gazing at the rivulets of water pouring out of the rock. It was also nice to see that although the willow trees were festooned with cloth ribbons, the décor was what you might call 'tasteful' with minimal tat or plastic rubbish wrapped around the twigs.

We paid a visit to the long barrow, sat around inside and took away spent tea-lights. Wandering along the banks of the Kennet and made our way around Avebury.

Nice sights were the Red Kite, several Skylarks in competition – one song to declare; fuck me, fight me or fuck off' as N put it – a close encounter with a roe deer about 20 feet away who was incredibly relaxed and not all that bothered by our presence.

We also popped into the Alex Keiller museum to see the human remains on display, notably Charlie, who has been at the centre of a ridiculous charade of utter fuckwankery. Thankfully common sense has prevailed, below is a pic of Charlie in her case within the hugely educational setting have proved to be a fitting memorial and form of immortality.


Bo said...

Fuckwankery!! Love it.
Glad you liked the (joke)myth!

Lee said...

i am quite impressed with my ability to come up with the kind of conjugations you only find in German, even if it is in crude language :)

the thing i like about it is that although it is an invention - and a recent one at that - it adds another layer we experience a place, like another layer on an onion it adds to the whole and can colour and influence the way we interact and behave at a site.

Musings of a Druid said...

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