Thursday, 1 April 2010

I’m in a funny mood at the moment; becoming more insular. I have over the past few days deleted my membership to a number of old yahoo groups which I have been a member of for years – in some cases sine I first got online about 9 years ago -, deleted my membership to the BBC Pagan boards; mainly because it has become intensely boring with very little of value discussed these days, instead a cliqueiness has sprung up in which threads quickly descend into talk of ‘Mighty Olive Crayon’, Straight Jackets covered in all manner of personal decoration and a ‘Glitter Room’. It’s the kind of non-ironic chatter I would expect from some teenagers trying to look amusing on the internet but coming from adults who are in some cases middle aged it is painful to watch. There is also now an intense air of paranoia towards new people or those who stand out. It is probably all about the rose tinted glasses but back 9 years ago it was a far more interesting place to be and talk, the kind of places where you make friends and stay friends with them in real life for years afterwards (which in my case I have several as a result).

I am just finding that ‘pagan’ sites just don’t do it for me any more, nothing seems to happen on them; only rarely does it get interesting and even then it is a flame war which is drawing the interest. Either I am becoming desensitized to the internet or I have outgrown these places. I am currently only a member of 3 website; Caer Feddwyd and the private Brython Forum plus Esoteric Source where a lot of friends hang out these days. Maybe it is because I have gone from talking about doing to actually… well, doing.


dreamguardian said...

You're not alone in your feelings & I know exactly how you feel, Lee.

The various forums also reflect a lot of the pagan community in real life & hence, why I hid in the background for so long. It can be hard to let go sometimes - thankfully the brython project & cf showed up when they did.

Katherine said...

I agree very much with your problems with pagan sites, the problem I have seen is that if something serious is discussed than it usually gets drown under 'chatter and jokes' until the good parts are gone. Sad but that seems to be the way of open forums.

Closed lists seem to be more where you find people talking about work they are actually doing rather than just chatting, which is where I stick to now.

Hope your incense making is going well?