Friday, 26 March 2010


Well, it seems that Blogger has added some bells and whistles to these blogs so I guess it would be rude not to make use of them.

I don’t have an awful lot to report; my lunar based observances are progressing, I am getting a lot from the Household Cult based one and have the second Rigantona based one upcoming. As time goes on I am realising this is the perfect format for me to work within.

Spring is here! About a week ago there was a very clear, very distinct shift in the climate here; it went from cold, bitterly so, to being rather mild and much sunnier. This pattern has continued and the sunny and mild weather is still with us. The elder tree in next door’s garden which I can see from my bathroom window (something to gaze at whilst brushing my teeth) is beginning to put out shoots, there is a blackthorn in blossom with some leaf buds popping out on the way down to Brixton. This relatively sudden outburst of photosynthetic activity is heartening , I really enjoy this kind of climate; sunny yet not too hot, with a fresher feel to the air (as fresh as London can get though I guess).

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A sessile nature is hard to shake

I am being particularly lethargic at the moment in all sorts of facets of life – obviously this being one.

Right now I am in the 2 week lull of the lunar ritual calendar I have set myself and it is a kind of odd feeling; on one hand I want to find something that can fill this 'gap' and on the other I dont.

* * *

I have done some book shopping: Comparative Mythology, Indo-European stuff and this essay on a pair of Vedic deities who have a connection with a pair of Brythonic ones.

The connection between Mitra and Varuna and Lugus and Nodens has been a bit hazy and not something I could grasp and getmy head around really; certainly in a way that seems fitting and relevant to me and my practices. That said, there has been a lightbulb moment recently in which things are slotting into place. How they fit into the grander cosmology of things is another matter and something which will reveal itself in time I suppose.

* * *

Other than that, things have been quiet; some interesting developments at work which may see me spending a month in Paraguay on fieldwork, or doing a Phd which would be rather interesting in and of itself but more so as it would involve lots of fieldwork in southeast Asia. I am also currently working on a digital reconstruction of a dinosaur brain case and the neural canals within the skull from CT scans, for publication.

On that rather off topic note I think I will leave it there for now.