Friday, 12 February 2010

The Household Cult

The new moon is a day or two away and I have some plans; on Sunday the 14th (new moon proper) I am off out for a Chinese New Year dinner with some friends so will be carrying out the cult rituals earlier in the day.

I had a brand new – and well overdue –cooker fitted during the week and last night was the first time I got to use it. It seemed appropriate to say a few words to Briganti over it and light the oil lamp prior to lighting the stove – or flicking the switch to let the electric flow as it were.

In terms of ancestors, I have become ever so slightly hooked on and have been tracing back my family tree. I am in the somewhat fortunate position I guess to know most of my immediate and very large family already and have ideas about great-grandparents whom I recall from being a teeny-weeny little Lee. I think this process of finding out about them – their birth, marriage, children and death – goes somewhat towards fulfilling parts of my ancestral practices. I have pretty much reached the limit of my current onboard knowledge at about four generations so am now in the position of having to go and speak with relatives to find out what my great-grandfather’s first name was, who he married, her maiden name etc. it is all proving thoroughly enjoyable and I am looking forward to being able to use late 19thC censuses to get information on whole families. What I do know is that there is at least 250 years of farming history on one piece of land, I just need to trace back the people involved now.

So, come Sunday this is my plan;

The Briganti Flame is lit:

Briganti, mother of the flame, may I pray with a good fire Briganti, mother of the flame, may I sacrifice well

Briganti; your flame in this house
Fill my home with your warmth
Briganti: your flame at my hearth
May it be bright for all who dwell here
Briganti: your flame in my hands
May I work well, may I sacrifice well, and may I honour the gods well.

Food and drink offered

* * *

To the Ladies of this house,
The Matres of this home;
I offer you this food ,as is right to do so
I offer you this drink, as is proper to do so

Food and drink offered

* * *

To those who have gone before me,
those loved, and those never known,
come to me,
share a drink with me

A pot of tea made, a cup of hot, sweet tea offered and come quiet time.


dreamguardian said... is a great site & I've use it often. I relate this process too, as a part of an active way in honouring the ancestors. So much so that I'm going to take the full Y-DNA67 program next month to discover my un-named ancestry!!

Lee said...


is that the Y chromosome thing they do at Oxford?

i have alwasy been taken with the notion of the 7 daughters of eve and finding out whcih i am 'descended' from.

dreamguardian said...

Teg was the man with the info & lead. It's an american company The y-dna is follows the paternal y chromosome. It's a bit too many pennies for the maternal dna as well but is a future 'to do thing'!

I'm curious to know which one of Eve's 7 daughters I descend from too

Potia said...

My mum has done, and still does, huge amounts of research on our family and it's not been easy to go back past my grandmother even. I know so much more about my ancestry now thanks to her work.

We've had the maternal DNA bit done but I'd need to check up with mum about the grouping as I can never remember it.

Deiniol said...

So how did all this go, Lee?