Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ritual and Liturgy

I have given thought to the format for ritual observances and read the practices of others to see how such a format strikes me. I do have an idea in mind; something I came across a while ago and think could be adapted very easily and function very well. It certainly appeals to my sense of ritual. For now, some of the liturgy is of my own, some is poached from Deiniol until I can prepare some of my own (or realise that his works wonderfully well and doesn't need replacing. Either way, many thanks are owed to him).

At the shrine or altar a candle is lit:

Brigantia, mother of the flame, may I pray with a good fire

from this flame a charcoal block ignited and placed in a burner:

Into the eye of the first one did Taranis blow life,
the frost in the bones of the land melts away,
the flesh of the land flushes with life
as the blood of the oceans runs hot on the shore

Brigantia of the flame;
weave our words into your veil, bear it aloft;
to Taranis the sky father
to the Grey Mare on the hill
and to the Lord in the Wave

Some incense is placed onto the charcoal and an appropriate hymn recited for the deity being addressed. Further incense can be added for further prayer or simply during silent meditation.

Any other offering of food or drink is then made with some appropriate and as yet unwritten words.


Deiniol said...

I really like this! I've always preferred rituals to be simple in action but beautiful in words, and this fits the bill nicely. I hope you don't mind if I steal back some of your words: the imagery of your first stanza really appeals to me, and I can see how it would work well in Brythonic.

Lee said...

steal away!

i think perhaps having access to each others blogs like this is an ideal way of sharing ideas and trying out what other people have done to see if it works for them.

Deiniol said...

I completely agree. Since discovering yours, megli's, potia's etc blogs I've been feeling a lot more inspired to actually be creative in my spirituality. This interblog cross-pollination has done wonders for me at least.