Sunday, 31 January 2010


This evening I did my Imbolc/Gwyl Ffraid ritual. Idealy I would have done it either Friday or Saturday night but as it was I spent Friday at a friends funeral and then all day Saturday with a her daughter who is close friends from work. It felt... wrong to be having my ritual before today.

* * *

This is the first ritual I have performed in this manner and I really like it, it is certainly a model I will be adopting for my monthly observances and probably also seasonal celebrations.

I have a Roman style oil lamp (reproduction) that I use, this was lit:

Brigantia, mother of the flame, may I pray with a good fire
Brigantia, mother of the flame, may I sacrifice well

a single white candle I have had for a few years and light only at this time was then lit from the central Briganti flame;

Into the eye of the first one did Taranis blow life,
the frost in the bones of the land melts away,
the flesh of the land flushes with life
as the blood of the oceans runs hot on the shore

from the central flame some incense was lit;

Brigantia of the flame,
weave our words into your veil, bear it aloft;
to Taranis the sky father
to the Grey Mare on the hill
and to the Lord in the Wave

Bride of our hearth
Bless this place
With warmth
With shelter
With fire that burns for us.

Bride of our streams
Of wells and water courses
Asperge our land
With rain
With dew.

Bride of the candles
Lit for your remembrance
Bright be your blessings
As the Sun climbs higher
In his Winter rising.

Bride of our company
Of links and friendship
Across Brigantia, the isles
Of your people:
Veil us within the bounds of belonging.

Some honeyed and warmed milk was then poured into a bowl which had some dark rum in it;

Briganti; I offer this milk, as it is right for me to do so

a steamed bun was then placed in a bowl at the altar;

Briganti; I offer this food, as it is right for me to do so

a little of the steamed bun was burned in the flame.

Then I did the triple toast, something shared with the other members of Brython in the same manner and at the same time.


Bo said...

Like it!! :0

Bo said...

have you gilded the inside of the shrine box?

Lee said...


that said, i have my eye on gold leaf. maybe something in the future i think of building.

Bo said...

It's nice!

Deiniol said...

Beautiful! I do like all this. I'm not going to do my Imbolc/"whatever name I settle on for Brythonic" ritual until the next new moon: it's too frosty for it to be the first stirrings of spring here.

I'm also insanely jealous of your oil lamp and shrine box: they're both very pretty.

Lee said...

deiniol: the box is probably impossible to get hold of as its an old one from the NHM that was used as a microscope slide case. there might be the odd one lying around - the antique furniture there is stunning, i have my name on a few cabinets too - and the lamp i picked up at an event from a stall being run by if you email them they might have some still. i use peanut oil in mine, burn nicely and has a mild nuttiness to it.

dreamguardian said...

Tis very nice, Lee. I like the way you have crafted the whole thing