Sunday, 17 January 2010

Altar Space

I currently share a flat with my best mate from uni, we also work together at the NHM. There is very little space in our flat to have a shelf set aside in the 'shared' areas and an equally small amount of space in my own room. That said, I have a small space on my west facing window where I have room for “stuff”. I was looking on-line for something that could be appropriated as a shrine space and came across Etsy where people hawk their wares, one of the people on there makes small wooden (4”x3” ish size) shrines presumably more for the hobbycraft market. A few dollars each and they are rather nice.

So, some imagery pulled together to form some sort of collage icon and bits and pieces added and they form a nice small shrine. At some point when space become more abundant these can be transferred to form the focal point of a larger altar space.

Mokkonos: boar tusk, pig teeth and a small carved human skull.

Rigantona: flint and chalk/bone and flesh of the land, white orchid blossom

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Kay said...

Thank you so much for sharing these images of your altar. It's beautiful.

I've been remiss is creating an altar and I don't have the excuse of lack of space.

You have inspired me to take this seriously and not put it off like I've done for so long.