Monday, 9 November 2009

Some late night rambling

Last night - Sunday – I went out into the garden at my mother's house. It was about 9pm, there was a little light from the street lamps but as she lives on the edge of town overlooking the harbour and open Irish Sea it was pretty dark. The sky was filled with stars; the plough, the north star, cassiopea and the pleiadies all stood out among the millions of pin pricks of shining light. I stood there with a large rum and coke and made three toasts each followed by pouring a libation into the ground, nicely, it ran off and into a crack in the patio and soaked into the soil beneath.

Seeing the stars again like this after such a long time of virtually nothing in the night sky but the moon, the odd star and innumerable aeroplanes on their approach to Heathrow airport only reaffirms my thoughts of something missing as a result of living in London. It is another piece of the whole I feel I am not connecting with whilst living in the city.

I cant help but wonder what people living here a thousand or two thousand years ago thought when the looked up into the sky, what they saw the countless stars as as they watched over them and slowly paraded across the heavens. Were they kings or gods? ancestors or inanimate? It is impossible to know and can be nothing more than wild stabbing in the dark to guess.

Aside from the truth of them being mind bogglingly large balls of burning gas countless billions of miles away, what do they mean to me? What do I think and feel about them?

I have watched the progress of Orion across the winter sky; each night is circuit and that circuit shift as the weeks went by. As the earth spins and circles the sun, as the world blossoms, fruits and dies with the seasons so do the stars. Like some great cosmic mirror reflecting down onto us the happenings of the little blue planet as they appear to the infinite cosmos. Microcosm made macrocosm and reflected back on itself.

Its funny how there is the potential for so much microcosm and macrocosm interaction and reflection there is, like some great cosmic lensing system reflecting, mixing and superimposing. I see it in Wicca and I see it in my more personal work. I wonder what we would find if we looked into that point where all these microcosms and macrocosms intersected? Does God dwell in that place where the universe has folded itself over and in and out on itself so many times it becomes indistinguishable from itself?

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