Monday, 24 August 2009

Some sort of Oracle

Sort of sticking with archetypes in a way, I have for a fairly long time been giving thought to the idea of an oracle of sorts. I have over the years poked about with runes, tarot and a couple of other types of divination (lit: to foresee, to be inspired by a god) but they haven't been all that good for me for one reason or another. Tarot is too much to keep in my head at one time and runes just seem...well, Heathen, and I am not. I did look into a couple of options which seem a bit more in keeping with my own practice and on one hand found a system which used 3 bones (already appealing) but after reading into it a bit more it isn't quite what I want. Then there was coelbren, I did a little work on making this more personal and use-able at one point but have abandoned it. I guess it held some appeal being on one hand a native system, and yet on the other hand its authenticity as a native system is dodgy as hell.

Then along came Bo with what he was constructing using his
archetypal tarot; incredibly personal and incredibly meaningful, though only of course to him.

What got me on to this was reading about a dream Jung had whilst meeting with Freud, in this dream Jung is in a house on the top floor – very swanky and to his taste – he goes down a floor and its a much older d├ęcor. He goes down into the basement and it is a cave dwelling from some distant ancestor, probably hunter-gatherer by the sounds of it. Dreaming of houses tends to represent oneself, you are the house. About 13 years ago I had one of my semi-typical dreams; I was in the offices of some sort of superhero agency and I was the newest superhero – I cant recall what powers I had at this point -, my first job was to descend into the basement and make my own weapon. So I go down this winding staircase deeper and darker and reach a much lower level of this house/office building. The place was like a slaughter house; it was littered with bones and body parts, blood on the walls. Proper horror movie material here. I was fine with this and proceeded to root through the bits looking for bones and whatever with which to construct my own personal weapon. In Jungian term this is rather interesting and I am sure plenty can be derived from it. It came at an important time in my life and as such I have my own meaning attached to it.

So I am thinking I might have a go at something similar to Bo's archetypal tarot – albeit totally personal and tailored to my own tastes – with personal imagery derived from a number of sources and not all of them dreams (or else Spiderman would need to feature). The second image would be the Sapphire Lady, a figure from a dream I had semi-recently involving the end of the world and the gods. Notably the end was coming and we needed the gods, we needed this Sapphire lady to call them. What stands out in this was that normally in circumstances like this I suddenly find I have the ability to stop the apocalypse or beat the hordes of monsters with superpowers of my own. In this case I surrendered to her and her gift.

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Bo said...

Interesting!! worth doing the tarot thing, i learned a lot.