Saturday, 8 August 2009

Theological Questions

The question of a (well) thought out pagan theology has been cropping up in a few places lately in the forum and blogospheres. It does seem to be an area that is lacking and as such is a little black cloud hanging over the modern pagan community, it does not serve us well and if anything adds to the wishy-washy poorly thought out image people have about pagans today. I am going to quote Bo here:

*What is the nature of the gods?
*What is the nature of the soul?
*In what ways might we, compellingly and with coherence, conceptualise the relationship between the gods, the soul, and the world?

These are some very important questions that need addressing and I am going to have a stab at it, if nothing else to record my thoughts at this time perhaps with a view to going back and reviewing how my perceptions have changed.

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