Monday, 6 April 2009


Following on from the last entry, an idea that has occured to me is to leave the idea of conventional statuary behind and adopt an image instead. Now, the problem I have with a straightforward painting is that it is two dimentional and doesnt have the same quiality in terms of being a 'home for the gods' as a three dimentional object. The answer to this is to use a triptych. Essentially a triptych is a three faced image; either three images which form one when placed side by side (or at least compliment each other) or it can be a construct in which the two side panels fold in like doors to enclose the larger main central panel.

This would address the idea of it being a home, a palce in which the god or at least part of them can reside - a little hidey hole for them - in the manner which I feel a statue can. It still has a lack of 3-dimentionality to it, which led me to my next idea; an idea pulled from programmes of the Take Hart ilk. I am going to find or make a nice image representative of the god in question, then, with the aid of glue and a little papier mache, I am going to turn a 2D image into a 3D one. Something along the lines of making a papier mache moulding on which to stick the image of the god (whole or in bits) so that the image is raised up in the relevant places. I am finding it hard to convey the idea properly in words and Google is not proving useful in finding the kind of thing I am thinking of. 

Come to think of it, these Buddhist ones are gorgeous and perhaps something along the lines of what I am after.


EB said...

Very clever idea. Like the pictures too! It does depend on the picture though - about its being 2D. There was an image of Christ in the crypt chapel at school which was responsible for a humblingly large proportion of my faith; like an icon but modern - warm, fuzzy. Sounds grim but it was amazing. Carefully lit and surrounded by darkness, it felt alive, and it lives in my mind.

Lee said...

things seem to be whizzing along - i have been sent an image of belenus-lugus by a friend and i like it :)

there is something dynamic about it that adds more to it than just a 2D image.

ideas... ideas

Alice Kytler said...

I'm glad you are sharing these ideas. I struggle with similar projects and concepts for my own shrines. I sometimes make statues in clay but I'm always frustrated how they only represent one dimension of the god's full 'personality.' I like the triune aspect of these and the way that that Buddhist one folds open to reveal the image a little bit back, a little bit mysterious... that give me ideas.