Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I have been sent this image of Lugh. I like it, it unsettles me. the eyes unsettle me. I find it hard to look at them for too long, I dont know why and I dont know if that is a good thing or not, but it certainly challenges my current conceptions of what I am looking for.

It's the blood red that makes it work for me, too foten people forget that for every grain of corn, for every ounce of the harvest and for everything we reap at the end of the summer; sacrifice has been made, whether that be in time, sweat or blood. It might sing a little of Wiccan theology, but there is blood on the corn and that blood belongs to the sun.

I really do think I might go for this Lugus (p.s thanks to Potia for finding it for me)

A quick challenge though to those competant with photoshop and the like: can you alter the picture, take away the crispness of the features but still leave the essence of it? like I have said faces dont work too well for me so by making this one a little more abstract I think it might make things work better.

A beer for the person who does the best job


Al Iguana said...

done a quick one, posted it on Brython for you

EB said...

I like it very much except for the cupid's bow in the lips which I find slightly too feminine. but like you I love the colour, and the eyes.