Sunday, 22 March 2009


Cunobelinus-Boar(!) coin from the Trinovantes. image from Kernunnos

It is funny how small things cause all manner of repercussions, like some strange spiritual version of Kerplunk. Many of the gods of what we would call the ancient Britons don't have anything about them with which I can make a connection. There is no way for me to get a grip on them as it were and start something meaningful. An example of how this can work is Belenus; almost a year ago I went to Bath and did the tour or the baths. One of the displays there was the enigmatic pediment face – often described as the gorgon – which was my access point for Belenus. Since then things have been ticking about in the background with myself making small steps towards fulfilling my oath to him. I aim to complete it on the 1st of June and that will then be the day I venerate him as a specific and personal day of celebration, 3 weeks before the summer solstice. Perhaps I will turn it into a 2 week period of observance and ritual, I will give the matter thought and see what happens. Certainly the first time I tried this extended 'season' of celebration it worked out well.

So my connection with Belenus was made. Another one of the gods of whom I have always had an awareness was Lug/Lugus/Lugh/Lleu but never really felt any connection with even in the guise of the Welsh pseudo god-hero-warrior. He was clearly a significant and important deity in the Celtic world (apologies for the C word) and so I had always felt a slight annoyance that I wasnt even remotely 'twitchy' about some sort of connection.

Anyway, back to the Kerplunk! thing; a few days ago the ever wonderful-at-things-like-this Bo came out with something that was the final straw which got the marbles kerplunking. 

"You know the name 'Llywelyn'?

It probably goes back to Brythonic *
Lugu-belinus, 'Lugus who is Belinus, Belinus-Lugus'.

They might well have been different names for the same deity, as might *
Uindos, all meaning 'shining one, bright one, white one'. (I bring *Uindosinto it because there's some evidence from the Irish side of things that Fionn (from *Uindos) is a kind of humanised version of Lugh.)

PS Incidentally, the name 'Llywarch' is < *
Lugumarkos, 'Lugus' stallion'. Which is nice."

So, for all intents and purposes, Belenus is one and the same with Lugus, an epithet of his if you will. This works for me, it is my access point to another god via a title I have already been developing a connection. Very exciting and very interesting.


Alice Kytler said...

Thank you for sharing this process here. As someone on a Brythonic spiritual path also I can sympathise with this concept of needing an 'entry point.' I know exactly the feeling you are talking about. Once you have that intuitive things open up, a sense of tentative connection begins. But the mind needs something to make that bridge first, an image, an etymology,going to a site that was dedicated to them, something. Always nice to hear from fellow travellers.

The Heron's Stare said...

Yes that was one of those gems that Bo can sometimes drop into the conversation. It clicked with me too and I'll be following up the reference he gave.

Lee said...

Heron - he is a star for nuggets like that isnt he? good job we have him about really.

Alice - glad to oblige :) and spot on about forming those connections. id be really interested to hear more about how your spirituality is developing. i am intensely curious about how well the gods travel as it were.


Alice Kytler said...

I'd certainly be happy to oblige. It's one of those things I never tire of discussing really. Having experienced the gods on British soil off and on throughout my life and then being here I can't tell you I think it 'makes no difference'. But I can certainly say I think the pull of ancestry is a profound thing and we know that the ancestors travelled and took with them their stories, forms of worship and names of their deities. But how that new land affected how they worshipped and knew them we will never know, and so in some way people like me are a living experiment! Then I suppose we all are in some ways, as we strive to reawaken an ancestral path in the modern day after an ellipsis. For me there is the added challenge of raising children who have memorised whole branches of the Mabinogi and want to know if Dyfed is located around here somewhere, lol. Anyway I should get off your comments page, if you want to talk about it more you can reach me at Be well.