Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Moment of Madness

I have just gone and bought this.

Shame on me for feeding more momey into 'that' machine.

It does mean I can provide critiques of what I come across in it and will have an idea of what kinds of things I should be considering when talking about pagan/brythonic ethics and morals. having seen a review or two out there I know there is going to be a lot about I dont like, so prepare for some incredibly bitchy posts on my part.

**Wed 18th: less than 24 hours later it has arrived. Well done Amazon. Now to read it and begin dicussing it.**


EB said...

A good, a post from you I can respond to without have to engage the four-wheel drive version of my brain! I heard her on the radio and she sounded nice, in a sweetness & light kind of way. I'll be very interested in what you think.

Lee said...

there will be another easy going post later tonight. i cant justify bloggin when at work too much - i have a ton of work to be getting on with as it is. 19th C brachiopod taxonomy is a mess.


Bo said...

EB - 'sweetness and light'! I think Bobcat wd go for you for that comment ;)