Thursday, 19 February 2009

Living with Fiction/Non-Fiction/Fantasy/Horseshit

So I have ERO's 'Living with Honour: a pagan ethics'.

I am on chapter 3 at the moment ans a few things have struck me:

1: it isnt that bad so far. some points I agree with, others i disagree with.
2: she is rather bitchy about America
3: this bloody woman keeps interspersing her text with what I can only describe as tangents of total irrelevance. She will be talking about the roots of paganism or how pagans are not inherently unethical and the she goes off on a jape about some woman pissing about in the rain. She does this in her other books and I can’t work out of it is supposed to be a recollection of her own memories, some sort of trance experience or something she does in her spare time between Druidry books (knocking out weird prose fiction aimed at no discernable audience). In her other books it was most annoying because she would tell of skipping over hills at midnight, chatting with gods and animals etc and I know for a she is in a wheelchair so this cannot be a present reality. This lack of separation and distinction between what she is talking about, describing or making up is thoroughly fucking annoying. I might be over-reacting of course.


EB said...

Sounds like she's barking - but I can't say that because my dog is giving me dirty looks...

Bo said...

She wasn't always in a wheelchair. She has fibromyalgia or something unfortunate and progressive of that ilk.

She's clever. A very clever and talented person. But I find her thought suffocating because it is so personal and subjective.

Lee said...

i thought it was something like MS. anyroad, these intermissions- minus fun ice cream - are thoroughly pointless and annoying.

i agree on the cloying personality and subjectivity of it.

there are a few lines i will have to come back to and post with comments.

i might actually pop my own cherry with this book... i might start.... dum dum duhhhh... writing notes in pencil (very lightly) on it.