Thursday, 26 February 2009


I NEED to do something with or for Nodens, I cannot begin to describe the feeling of knowing I should be doing something but not knowing what to do in order to fulfill that sensation.

I think it is akin to being thrown into a sweet shop and being transfixed, wanting to go in all mammner of directions at once and eat everything in one porcine moment of gluttony. In my case though i have that same feeling but i cant see the sweets and I dont even know what it is I am hankering after.

At the bare minimum I must look into the cormorant conection, it is probably something entirely personal though a little reaearch might proove fruitfull. All I can 'do' at the moment is to go up to Ludgate Hill, walk down to the river and cast something in then spend some time at the river's edge perhaps. The words I know I need for that time will come.


EB said...

I know that feeling, although in my case I rarely know a name for the spirit or god connected to it, I usually notice a strong draw in certain things - certain trees often.

The Heron's Stare said...

I find very often that doing something such as you describe is a sufficient response to what you are feeling to generate its own momentum for furtherr things to develop.