Friday, 13 February 2009

Divine Intercession

In an earlier blog-splurge I mentioned I see the physical and spiritual as two parts of a whole; the stream and stream bed. Whilst I see these as parts of a whole I also see them as being distinct – whilst also at the same time they are not. Paradox? Yes. For now and to explain this thought.

If we separate these two realms of existence out – the realm of the gods and the realm of the physical world – and place between them a thin sheet of rubber, a sheet that is incredibly thin yet flexible. This is to me the barrier between us and the gods that we have in place because of our ability or lack of ability to perceive and comprehend the gods. Much like humans cannot see UV light but insects can, we don’t have invisible spectacles on stopping us seeing UV light it is just that we cannot perceive it. The rubber sheet isn’t the invisible specs, its our own physical and mental limitation.

There are occasions when we can approach the gods through various means – trance, prayer, meditation – and can begin to push that bendy sheet of rubber into their realm. We can begin to feel it closer, feel is pushing back and feel its presence, though we still cannot become immersed in it or feel it envelop us and becomes part of us, flowing in and around us. We are still limited; we have just pushed the boundaries of those limits. Likewise, I believe the gods can do their own bit of pushing too and begin to intrude on our realm – anyone can think of innumerable incidences of when gods got involved in their life whether requested or not.

I believe this is largely how things play out in the relationship we have with the gods; moments of touching each others existence but still with that barrier there.

Then there are the rare moments, the ones where for a fleeting moment those barriers are gone or are so thin to be imperceptible. I can recall one of those off the top of my head, a moment when a goddess was stood in front of me and I KNEW it, I grasped this and understood it’s implications for a brief moment. I can’t really describe what those moments are like other than to say it is a full body orgasm combined with a full body sucker-punch.

I believe that a fundamental part of religion is working towards removing those barriers and embracing those orgasm-mugging moments and seeking them out. Finding those moments in life where you can truly comprehend the gods and also truly comprehend yourself too.

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Yewtree said...

Both these metaphors are really helpful, thanks!