Friday, 13 February 2009

Brythonic Ethics

This really follows on from the ramble I just deposited on the internet. If this is my view on ethics, how does it relate to Brythonic spirituality? Like I said, ethics are human constructs. We must live in a modern world and as such live in a manner which considers other people with whom we share our landscape, we also have to bear in mind modern ethical and moral ‘norms’ and of course the law of the land as it stands at this point in time. I don’t believe there is anything we could Brythonic ethics, there are human ethics and certainly human ethics influenced by a Brythonic heritage and history. We can look at the Brythonic past, look at ethical and moral codes that prevailed and start to apply – where possible within the restraints in a modern world (no taking the heads of the person you beat in this weeks sales figures) – some of those to ourselves. As I mentioned, the Gods are a product of their society and as such will recognise if not adhere to the ethical and moral standards of that time, whilst we can replicate that today we can do so with some of it and as such I think we can foster a greater familiarity between them and us whilst also fostering a bond between those of us forming a loose clan with a shared ethical code.

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