Friday, 9 January 2009

New Year

Another one of my customary breaks in posting! The past three months have proven to be interesting and formative.

The Christmas period had its ups and downs as it always does.

Things within the 'Tegoluktos Rigantonas' have become interesting and are beginning to crystallize into group practices we can share albeit at the same time in different places. This though provides a framework we can all work within to our own ‘specifications’ really. So, on the 18th of December I toasted the Grey Mare, the tegoluktos (tribe, family) and the gods of the tegoluktos at sunset. On the 21st, the shortest day I toasted the weakened sun, Mokkonos and the tegoluktos. Then on the 25th I toasted the gods of the tegoluktos, the ancestors and the tegoluktos itself. Three toasts, three drinks, three dates. The idea of making a mini-season of observance and celebration works for me, it certainly had a feeling of otherness about it there were ‘moments’ when the gap between myself and certain gods was very narrow indeed.

February eve is fast approaching and it is time to begin looking what if at all will be done to mark that time. Right now, the weather seems to show no sign of relenting and the possibility of seeing the first hints of spring is appearing slim. Time is all that is needed, time and warmth, and both are on the increase.

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